Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Autumn Colour, Scotland

Took these last week between Invergarry and The Well of the Seven Heads (more about which later). A nice example of the colour of Autumn in Scotland I think. Not that I like Autumn of course.
I like the semi submerged jetty in the top pic for some reason. And the reflection of the clouds in the bottom pic was irresistible


  1. Yep, your bottom photo is irresistible, Neil.

    I've googled this 'Well of Seven Heads' and you keep saying later... later... laterrrr... you're driving me crazy(er). What????

    Gorgeous photos, once again.

  2. A great feast for the eyes. Thank you Neil.

  3. Hi,i love Scotland and i am very happy to have found your blog :)

  4. mtb - patience is a virtue..... as they say.
    ..... and I like the (er) btw

    Arija - welcome

    Bazby - again, welcome, but in a different sense. Hope you return.

  5. Wonderful colors indeed.
    Our colors were coming along just lovely and then we got minus F temps and all the leaves went to dead and are staying on the trees for the most part. So odd to have all the trees look dead. But the Larch are turning now, they are lovely.