Saturday, 3 October 2009

Song of the Week

Continuation of a theme........ I've been listening to The Doors this week. Forgive the rubbish video and concentrate on Jim Morrison's incredible voice.
I guess I like it fine....... so far.
Not sure how old I was when I first heard this album (around 12 I think) but I remember the occasion. I was ill in bed with some mildly disabling ailment (mumps springs to mind).
My brother came home with an armful of LP's. We had a dansette which he brought up to my bedroom and allowed me to play the LP's on the understanding that if I were to scratch or damage any of them I would die a slow and painful death.
Three albums stood out and I played them side by side continuously for about a week.
They were Waiting for the Sun by The Doors, Songs of Leonard Cohen, and Wee Tam and the Big Huge by The Incredible String Band.
Thinking back, I don't think my brother ever did me a bigger favour. Those three albums shaped my musical taste from that moment on. Let's face it a Rock God, a poet and a bunch of off the wall Scottish hippies played a profound influence on the developing mind of this 12 year old. Up to that point I thought the only music available was what they played on the radio.

RIP Gordon and Jim.


  1. Lovely words about your brother, Neil. Big hug.

  2. Your brother sounds the baws. Music's one of the greatest gifts one can bestow. Good on him.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and especially the hug mtb. My brother was indeed 'the baws' Naldo. And to endear him to you further, he was a naturalied Embra bloke. He lived in S. Queensferry all his puff. He loved Edinburgh and introduced me to all the best bits and some of the worst.

  4. I reckon anyone who "gets it" remembers when and who introduced them to the Doors, I know I do. To have such a defining moment shared with a loved one makes it doubly special I'm sure.

    (ps maybe FLICKS?)