Sunday, 8 March 2009

Arbroath Abbey

I always think Arbroath Abbey looks stunning when the sky is blue. It's the contrast between the red sandstone and the blue sky I think.

The Abbey was founded in 1178 by William the Lion who was subsequently buried there. In 1320 the Abbot of the abbey wrote the Declaration of Arbroath on behalf of Robert the Bruce, widely regarded as the most important document in Scotlands history. Addressed to Pope John XXII the document asked for pressure to be placed on Edward II, the English King, to recognise the Bruce as King of Scotland. It contained the famous phrase 'As long as a hundred of us remain alive, we shall not on any condition be subjected to English rule'........ 700 years later?......


  1. Oh, what a magnificent building!! and an amazing history! Thank you so much for sharing both!

  2. Fascinating post and beautifully captured images. Even managed to get the only blue sky around.