Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Phoenix

My favourite pub in Dundee if not the entire world. The Phoenix. A marvellous watering hole and a place I have been known to frequent for more years than I care to remember. I think this was the first pub in Dundee I got served in as a skinny 17 year old. Either here or The Scout, another legendary Dundee pub which is sadly no longer with us. R.I.P. 
The pub has been owned and managed by Alan Bannerman for many years. A fabulous mine host who is never slow to express his views on any subject you may care to mention.
It also serves the most fantastic Chilli which surprisingly has never changed down the years. I think I first tasted it around 1981 at which time it seriously blew your head off. Not sure whether they've tamed it down over the years or my palate has adjusted but it seems milder now. 
It has to be said though that there are few pleasures on the planet to match a pint of 80/- and a Chilliburger from the Phoenix. Long may its doors remain open.


  1. Oh I miss pubs, the social life of pubs and pub grub. The bars here are just not the same at all.

  2. That Phoeinx is a beauty, i've been in it a coupla times after the fitba and usually toasted a happy Jambos win over a pint of the brown stuff. (We'll skate over May 1986 thanks very much).

    There's also a Phoenix Bar in Embra (Broughton Street) which happens to be my favourite pub in the world. The beer is average, the food's a bit gash and it's usually jammed to the rafters wi hibbies (the decent kind) but the staff and punters are the best to be found anywhere in the whole damn world.

    Next time you're through in the Burgh you should check it oot.

  3. Sarah - What you waiting for? Jump on a plane and I'll buy you a pint and a burger!

    Naldo - I'll do that. My knowledge of Embra pubs is kinda limited to Rose St. and the Chambers St area. I used to work up Chambers St many years ago (1980) and I frequented a pub just round the corner from the old Dental Hospital. The name escapes me now but I'm sure its changed since then.

  4. Louise Macaulay18 May 2010 at 18:40

    Isn't this the place with the famous chilli????
    I am sure we had plenty a bowl full after a night out with McGlone!

  5. Louise.... The very same....and it's still just as wonderful!