Friday, 16 October 2009

Hebridean Skies

Just back from a week in Harris and Lewis. First time I'd been there. I always thought that Skye would be tough to beat for beauty, but Harris does it hands down. An amazing place which has to be seen to be believed.

This was the view from my daughter's bedroom window. Not a bad sight to see first thing in the morning when you pull the curtains back.

And something you quickly get used to seeing on Harris......... sheeps. They're everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE!
There are no restrictions on sheep, they can roam freely. It's hilarious. You find them in the most ridiculous places, bus shelters, your front doorstep, leaning against your car......
I woke up one night to find one in bed with me......... but that's another story....

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  1. Gorgeous Neil - quite moody in a sunny kind of way.

    Now then - this sheep ......

  2. Lovely views and very charming free-roaming woolies too!
    Would this be where "Harris Tweed" comes from?

  3. F&S - Ahem, the sheep .... not quite sure how that slipped out, if you get my drift.

    uberrhund - This is indeed where Harris Tweed comes from. It's quite remarkable how well known it is around the globe.

  4. Yes, sir, amazingly beautiful, indeed! The photos are so smooth & clear.
    Amazing shots!

  5. Terrific shots, Neil! Really love that first one, it's awesome!

    Uh, now, about that sheep?????


  6. Sylvia - Ok, ok...... her name was Morag. She had beautiful eyes..... and sooooo cuddly.

  7. glad you were able to keep warm with your wooly companion so near. beautiful captures...the one with the sheep is lovely.

  8. Gorgeous! Perhaps you were counting sheep to help you - well you know - sleep.

  9. Harris looks wonderful, what a view to wake up to. That first shotis lovely. I can understand ewe needed a warm companion. Baaaaa!!

  10. Wonderful photos, My favorite is the first one with the rays coming thru the clouds. It is just stunning.

  11. A beautiful place and spetacular views and sky and...sheep...I know all about sheep in the carport, dozens of them sheltering from the rain with runny backsides as well. Their projectiles ringed the cars at 3' level! We have just erected a larger exclosure with shearing coming up.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time if you did not slip on anything.

  12. Just as I figured, a penchant for baaad girls.

    I also figured that you'd have some nice photos but wow, the view from SB's bedroom!

    Feeling jealous.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, Neil. :-)

  13. Must confess i've seen the ferry leave U-Pool for Stornaway loadsa times but nivir yet got on it. Next summer (it's gonna be a busy one).

    Was Harris really more stunning than Skye? That's a bold claim, Mr T.

  14. Naldo - I know, and not a claim made lightly either. To me, Harris has a feel and a landscape which is unique. It's very different from Skye and also very different from Lewis. If you go, take the Uig ferry to Tarbert. You won't be disappointed.

  15. Divine light and great scenery. Can't wait on that sheep post later on. Hope you don't have photos thou. ;p