Thursday, 1 October 2009

Summer's Almost Gone....

October eh? I know I'm raging against the dying of the light here, but just before we forget them, here's some blue skies for Skywatch Friday.

Ok, there's a suggestion of a cloud in this one....... but it's a very near perfect blue sky.

These were all taken on the same day around Lintrathen a few weeks ago.

The forecast here for the next few days?.......... Heavy rain...... Can't wait!

Now where's my wellies?

Brownie points to anyone who can identify the band whose song makes the post title.

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  1. Don't mourn the dying light, it can make for some very dramaitc photos.

  2. Terrific shots as always, Neil, and I will miss the blue skies. These are a great reminder of the beauty!

    Wasn't that a Doors song? They were one of my favorites.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I love it when we get pretty blue skies like that. All the shots are great, but I especially like the first one. The green on blue feels peaceful.

    ~One Crafty Mama

  4. The blue, blue skies of summer. Lovely.

  5. It's important to appreciate those blue days! Those are gorgeous skies.

  6. Wellies, my arse, Mr Member Number 15195 of the Cloud Appreciation Society!

    Suck it up, Buttercup! ... as we say 'round here.

    Do I get any brownie points for that, Neil? ;-)

  7. Lovely blues skies and scenes.
    Great shots.

  8. Hi- nice skywatch post. Lovely blue skies... there won't be too many of those for the rest of this year. however, saying that, looking out my office window- sky is bright blue! hope it stays like this for the weekend. (I'm in Southampton)
    Will be back to visit your blog again soon!

  9. Beautiful blue - lovely photographs.

  10. What a gorgeous blue! I had to let my eyes drink it in for awhile, as we've already had to say goodbye to our blue skies here in the pacific northwest! Very nice pictures.

  11. These area all superb..even better when enlarged. I couldn't imagine a better shimmer and silvery capture of lighting than in your header! Awesome-

  12. I think the saying "blue and green should never be seen" is nonsense, just look at your first shot.

  13. Great skies.
    Heavy rain forecast? Difficult to believe that!

  14. These are amazing. I hope you find your wellies.