Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Aberlemno Kirk and Stones

Thursday Challenge
Couldn't resist posting this pic which is just round the corner from the church. A fine range of goods, as you can see. They accept Visa and American Express, and sometimes the queues are round the block!

Aberlemno Church and Pictish Stones. Stopped off here on the way to Rescobie Loch on Sunday. Had to wait until the bloody tourists had disappeared before I took these shots. They can only be viewed in Summer as they box them up in Winter to protect them from the elements. It's a beautiful, peaceful place (when there's no tourists around). And the views all around are just stunning. The churchyard is one of the best kept I've ever seen, with newly mown grass and hundreds of flowers.
If you're interested this site will tell you more


  1. i can totally understand your thing about tourists. i travel in the off season just to avoid the madness that surrounds tourist season anywhere.
    enjoyed the photos and post...lovely.

  2. Oh yes tourists. That is the main industry where I'm at. Locals have bumper stickers on their cars that read: 'If it's tourist season, why can't we shoot them?' Of course, when I'm visiting other places I am an explorer, a researcher, a visitor, a transient, an expat never a tourist... oh, no, no, no. ;-)

    Those stones are stunning, Neil. And look at the carving on the link you gave - far bottom right. Mr happy face dude... it makes me want to just zip back in time and get into their heads.

    When do they cover the stones?

  3. Oh, says on the link... October.

  4. I missed that stone - the happy dude. There were a small crowd of researchers gathered round it! They usually cover the stones from about October to April. I was actually surprised to see them opened up as I drove past. One of those days I'm gonna get an artic up my arse for slamming on the brakes to take a pic.

  5. Looks interesting. If you've been following my blog, I'm happy to tell you that Cut Short, which has been on all other amazon sites world wide, is now on