Friday, 10 April 2009

Spam fritters

Back to Dundee. These pics were taken within twenty yards of each other. Either side of the road. This is the bottom of the Perth Road.

The bottom pic shows the 'Deep Sea', a Dundee institution. It's been there as long as I can remember. Well, there and across the road. The second top pic is where the restaurant used to be, now a Thai restaurant. I love the little dormer window squeezed between the two big buildings. It's essentially a 'chipper', a place where you get good, honest, cholesterol. Fish n chips, black puddings, spam fritters........ SPAM FRITTERS! A Dundee delicacy. Thin slices of delicate Spam coated with a secret recipe batter and lovingly deep fried to perfection. Washed down with six pints of McEwans 80/- in the Phoenix up the road and you will undoubtedly attain Nirvana. You can actually watch your arteries clog up in real time. Middle class housing estates in Dundee are often referred to as 'Spam Valley', apparently due to the fact that the house owners are so busy paying the mortgage, have to survive on Spam! ;-)

Directly across the road is Grouchos, another legendary Dundee establishment. Second hand vinyl, cd's, tapes, dvd's and concert tickets. Vital for any music fan growing up in Dundee. This was where we Dundee toe rags would appear on a Friday afternoon with an armful of albums to flog in order to get sufficient beer tokens for the weekend. Without Grouchos, large swathes of Dundee would have remained sober on many a weekend....... perish the thought.

The top pic shows the building above Grouchos. No idea what's in there now, but once upon a time it must've been splendid.

Spam, spam, spam, spam,

spam, spam, spam, spam,

Lovely spam, wonderful spam.......

Monty Python. 1970.


  1. SPAM! Ewww!!!!!!! I do have some Scottish blood in me but not THAT much!

    I love that little Mali Thai building; refusing to get muscled out by the other two bruts. You go, girl!

    The top photo is great! All the detail, character, moss(!), shapes, ubiquitous buddleia sprouts and chimney pots! Wee-hee!

  2. I love that one too. I like it in b&w as well.
    Now that I'm a photfilre expert I can do that y'know.... lol.

  3. I like it but I also like the subtle colours in the original. I can't decide which I prefer.

    I've just downloaded it (nah, nah stole it!) and will play with it. It will make a nice change from vegetation.

  4. Such beautiful chimney pots and attic windows without any seeming purpose as well as the quaint little house wedged in betweenits larger cousins.