Sunday, 19 April 2009

Rescobie in yellow?

Wandered along to Rescobie Loch today. Such a cracking day. Now I know this is a mellow yellow post, but you need to give me some leeway, cos my eyes don't really see the same colours as everyone else. I'm pretty sure there's yellow in there somewhere. Second top pic is one of the most inviting benches I know. Right at the lochs edge, you can happily sit and watch the fishermen casting. It's lovely. If you click to enlarge, you'll see it's dedicated to a fisherman who's gone on to that happy loch in the sky, chock a block full of fat wild brown trout!

Top pic shows an old guy happily casting away, this area is accessible from the car park and priority is given to Pensioners and the disabled, which I think is brilliant.

The bottom two pics i couldn't resist, is there yellow in there?

I left deeply depressed due to the fact that I didn't have my rod and join these guys.
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  1. Yes Neil, there are bits of yellow. Lots of it in the bench photo... all those daffodils loitering in the back there and also in the new growth in the last two photos. And then bucket loads of mellow...

  2. I think I see a greenish yellow.
    The top photo is very zen-like, in that zen-like way that fisherman in a deckchair always have.

  3. Great photos...yes, there is yellow...lovely yellow tree in the first and did you catch his line mid air...that bench looks so inviting....Love the last photo...

  4. Beautiful photos, with lots of yellow :)

  5. That bench looks very inviting. I like the pic of the guy sitting on the dock fishing. There is no such thing as a bad fishing day. :-)