Thursday, 30 April 2009


Back to The West coast of Scotland for these Skywatch pics. This in Scotland is what's known as the gloaming. A much better word than sunset I think. This was taken on an evening drive back to Gairloch from Applecross. The island across the sea is either Raasay or Skye, not sure which.

This lighthouse was at the end of a drive along the tightest single track road I've EVER been on. It was unbelievably narrow. One sheep was enough to block it. Some of the clifftop roads were pretty hairy but great to drive on. The lighthouse is a Bed and Breakfast now. Just the place to 'really' get away from it all.

This is somewhere on the West coast. No idea where.... but I liked the sky.

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Of A' the Airts
Of a' the airts the wind can blaw, I dearly like the west, For there the bonnie lassie lives, The lassie I lo'e best: There's wild woods grow, and rivers row, And mony a hill between; But day and night my fancy's flight Is ever wi' my Jean.
I see her in the dewy flowers, I see her sweet and fair; I hear her in the tunefu' birds, I hear her charm the air: There's not a bonnie flower that springs By fountain, shaw, or green, There's not a bonie bird that sings, But minds me o' my Jean.
Robert Burns 1759 - 1796


  1. Fantastic shots! Beautiful, dramatic colors! And I love the poem as well! Have a great weekend!

  2. I know Applecross, we stayed at Shieldage once and I like the shot of the lighthouse ( Rubha Re?)I have to say I am a great fan of lighthouses:) have a great weekend.

  3. Exeptional rugged views that only Scotland can produce. Lovely gloaming too.
    The light house B&B would be a dream place for me when I really just would want to be one with nature. I love the photo of it. The sky is so menacing. The light beams in the last shot are gorgeous.

  4. Such clear light! Wonderful shots.

    And, I'm gonna say it - roamin'! Funny, when I was younger, I always thought it was "Roman in the gloaming" and was really disappointed when I learned that it wasn't about the romans after all!

  5. absolutely beautiful captures you've posted this week. that lighthouse may be just the spot i am looking for next year...hmmm note to self to remember this.
    your first shot is perfection.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  6. So different photos - and all so beautiful. I could have picked a favourite, but that is impossible!

  7. Wonderful photos!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Visit my Sky Watch @ Now and Then

  8. You captured some gorgeous shots Neil

  9. Gorgous captures. Love the golden tones in the 1st shot. Smiles Barbara

  10. (a sip)

    I can taste the gloaming.

  11. Love the photograph of the lighthouse. They are such good looking buidings. Keep up the good work.


  12. Love the sun's rays in that last one

  13. "Jean, o Jean, you let me get lucky wi you!" - the Proclaimers.

    Neil, should i post back thon dvd to the address on your compliment slip?

  14. Beautiful sky watch photos. I love the first photo, the sun reflection is wonderful..

  15. A lighthouse B&B sounds wonderful. Worth the trek, I'm sure. Though I'd want to hurry to beat those ominous clouds.

  16. Clouds are One of my favorites, and you have made my day with your beautiful gloaming pictures. Thank You! Also loved the Robbie Burns poem.

  17. Thank you all for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

    Jane - I think you're right Rubha Re. An amazing place.

    MTB - Now you're getting into the 'spirit' of things.

    Naldo - That'd be fine mate.

  18. lovely set of photos! and thanks for sharing a wonderful poem :)